AMC Executive Breaks Silence on Cancellation of Fan-Favorite Shows

AMC Networks boss Dan McDermott is addressing the recent string of cancellations made by AMC Networks. During the network's presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour, McDermott, who is the President of Entertainment and AMC Studios, spoke about the network's decisions to axe several upcoming and in-production seasons of television. These included the first seasons of Invitation to a Bonfire and Demascus, and second seasons of Pantheon, Moonhaven and 61st Street, most of which had already completed some or all of their production. McDermott argued that there are "too many shows," and that the decisions were made to adapt to the behavior of audiences.

"As human behavior continues to evolve, our industry is experiencing an unrivaled period of reflection and correction," McDermott explained. "Factors including rising inflation, challenging ad market, too many shows, and an over reliance on streaming metrics that don't necessarily deliver profitability, have caused most content companies, including ourselves, to take stock and recalibrate their forward path. At AMC, we've taken critical steps so that going forward, we're optimally positioned as a lean, progressive, forward facing organization, poised to take advantage of the myriad opportunities in the marketplace. We will continue to do what we do best, work with immensely talented creatives to make shows and build franchises that fans love and make a focal point of their lives."

Why is AMC cancelling shows?

According to reports, these decision were made as part of larger cost-cutting initiatives at AMC — but unlike similar cancellations being made by Warner Bros. Discovery, there is a chance that some of these series could be revived elsewhere. AMC's newest SEC filing, which outlines its $475 million in recent write-downs, "The Company may realize some future licensing and other revenue associated with some of the owned titles."

"Everyone on the cast and crew is really crushed," Bonfire showrunner Rachel Caris Love explained in a recent statement to Deadline. "When they called me, they said this had absolutely nothing to do with the creative and everything to do with finance and accounting. That's a very challenging thing to process when you're making something really beautiful and special."

"We made something one-of-a-kind … an erotic, suspenseful, and lush drama — told through the female gaze," Love continued. "We made a nesting doll of surprises. At the core, deceit, infidelity, murder. Our entire cast gave stunning performances. Freya Mavor, Pilou Asbæk, Ngozi Anyanwu, and Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany were breathtaking. They gave their souls, as did our whole cast and crew. Emmy-nominee Cherien Dabis directed the first two episodes, while the fabulous Lily Mariye directed episode 103 and 104, and the incomparable Helen Shaver was to helm our grand finale. I'm immensely proud of what we made together and eager to look toward the future of Bonfire."

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