'American Dad' Has 31 New Episodes Coming in 2019

Cast members and producers from American Dad took the stage at New York Comic Con on Saturday, [...]

Cast members and producers from American Dad took the stage at New York Comic Con on Saturday, revealing the busy year the Smith family has ahead of them.

American Dad returns to TBS in January, and it will stay on the air for quite a while. During the panel on Saturday afternoon, producers Jordan Blum and Parker Deay revaled that there are a total of 31 new episodes on the way, starting on Jan. 28 2019. After the 9 remaining episodes of the current season air, Deay said the show will "roll right into" the next full season, consisting of 22 episodes.

"That is a ton of American Dad to illegally download," Blum joked. He added that the new slate includes the series' 250th episode -- "which is pretty impressive considering our audience usually watches the show by getting high and falling asleep to it."

That means American Dad will be on the air continuously from January to October, giving fans a whole lot to look forward to. The panel gave a few hints as to what we will see in those episodes, too. They kicked things off with a sizzle reel full of slapstick bits, one-liners and the gory violence fans are accustomed to. It even included a rap from Hayley where she took serious aim at Gucci Mane, which looks like it could become a pretty serious beef.

Meanwhile, the writers and actors teased what plot lines they could, both in their initial discussion and in the Q&A session with fans. Blum spoke to Wendy Schaal, Rachel MacFarlane, Dee Bradley Baker and Curtis Armstrong, asking each in turn to get in character and explain what was coming up for them.

Schaal revealed that Francine is getting into fitness, in an upcoming episode titled "The One Woman Swole." She said the episode is "a really clever way of exposing that Francine never finishes anything." In order to "go the distance," Francine will get into bodybuilding, taking the hobby way too far in the process.

Meanwhile, Armstrong said that Snot will be coming into some serious money, and MacFarlane revealed that Hayley is finally going to graduate from college. Klaus has a whole lot of things coming down the line, including a love story, a fake death and a parody of Pixar's Inside Out. The talking fish will also be joining a nunnery, though in all likelihood that won't go well for him.

American Dad returns in January of 2019 on TBS.