American Gods Recasts Key Character for Season 3

The American Gods cast will see some changes in its third season. Dominique Jackson will play Ms. [...]

The American Gods cast will see some changes in its third season. Dominique Jackson will play Ms. World in season three of the Starz series. She's described as an incarnation of Mr. World, the leader of the new gods played by Crispin Glover. It's unclear what this means for Glover's future with the series. It isn't the first time that the series experienced a chance in the cast. Gillian Anderson played Media in the first season of the series. She departed before season two, replaced by Kahyun Kim as New Media. Kristin Chenoweth's Easter was also absent from the second season of American Gods. Easter will return later in the series, though whether Chenoweth will still be in the role is unknown.

The series also added Eric Johnson as Chad Mulligan, the sheriff of the town of Lakeside. The little town of Lakeside is a significant location in the Neil Gaiman novel the series is adapting. This should offer those familiar with the novel a clue about what season three's plot will be about.

In March, Starz renewed American Gods for its third season. At the same time, it announced that Chic Eglee will take over as the new showrunner.

"I'm thrilled American Gods has been renewed for a third season, and even more thrilled that I'm getting to work on it with Chic Eglee," said Gaiman. "Chic is the best partner-in-crime. We've been working for weeks now on the shape of the season and I'm delighted that he gets to carry the American Gods torch on to glory. "Thank you to Fremantle, Starz and Amazon for having faith in the series, to Bryan, Michael and Jesse for bringing it this far, to all the cast and crew, and most of all to the viewers. It's their love of the characters that took us to this point, and will take us on to the next chapter."

Eglee replaces Jesse Alexander, who was co-showrunner alongside Gaiman for a time during the show's second season. Creators Byran Fuller and Michael Green left the show after the first season. Gaiman remains an executive producer on the series.

American Gods will also add Marilyn Manson and Lela Loren to its cast in its third season. Production began in October.

Returning star Ian McShane, who plays Mr. Wednesday, shared some details on the third season's plot in a recent interview. "Shadow has two revelations that happen with him which will have to be solved in Season 3," McShane said. "I'm wondering how long they can draw out the book. Will it end with Season 3, or will there be a Season 4, before Shadow takes wing on his own?"

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