American Gods Season 3 Trailer Reveals Shadow Moon's New Life

American Gods just dropped a trailer for Season 3 and fans are excited to see what’s coming on [...]

American Gods just dropped a trailer for Season 3 and fans are excited to see what's coming on Starz. With so many shows' futures up in the air as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it's nice to see a fan-favorite return. Ricky Whittle's Shadow proceeds from Season 2's developments, especially the fact that Wednesday is his father. All of these secrets are vying for the right to tear apart their relationship. That is, until Shadow ventures off to Wisconsin and a tiny outpost named Lakeside. Fans of the book series know what's afoot here, and that signals some real interesting work for Season 3. Before this clip premiered today, Both Whittle and Yetide Badaki spoke at the New York Comic-Con panel for the show and Entertainment Weekly had their comments about what fans could expect.

"It becomes a very relevant storyline in today's current climate where you have a stranger come into the town, an old kind of all-white traditional town, and you have this man of color come in and [there's] an overwhelming surface positivity, but an underlying kind of darkness and suspicion. You kind of really feel that when you get into Lakeside, not everything is as it seems," Whittle revealed.

He added, "It's incredible that we get to tell such powerful stories and that's something that I've really been excited by in season 3 is the fact that we are telling truly powerful stories. We're seeing a really diverse cast [that's] possibly the most diverse of all three seasons, that has a lot of representation, which I feel is very important nowadays."

The journeys into the past and interrogating what those events do to our future doesn't stop there. Badaki would also speak to those moves during her comments.

"It's something that we see with every single character along the way. There is this journey of self-discovery," Badaki explained. "We see that with Shadow. We see that with Laura. We see it with Technical Boy [Bruce Langley], with Salim. We see it with Cordelia. I think it's been an interesting thing to see because we're going back to, I think Neil said it best — that American is this country that's trying to figure out who it is, what it is. As each of these characters go on these journeys finding themselves, they then start to see further how it all interconnects."

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