Arrow Producers Share Heartfelt Letter On Series' Last Day of Production

Only six episodes remain of of The CW's flagship DC superhero series, and once it's over, the book [...]

Only six episodes remain of of The CW's flagship DC superhero series, and once it's over, the book will close on Oliver Queen and his time as the Green Arrow. It should come as no surprise that the series was almost over when star Stephen Amell revealed last week that he'd already shot his last scene in the Arrow suit, it was only a matter of time. The series is even closer to the finish line that when previously knew though, as executive producers Beth Schwartz and Marc Guggenheim revealed that today is the final day of production on the series.

Guggenheim, a co-creator on the series who has been with Arrow since the beginning, took to Twitter to share a letter they've given to the cast and crew of the series on its last day. It reads:

"To the best Cast and Crew in the business: It's hard to believe that today is here: the final day of production on ARROW. We are so incredibly grateful to each an every one of you for helping us bring this show to life. What this accomplished is no small feat. Eight seasons. One hundred and seventy episodes. A multiverse of TV shows. The biggest crossovers in television history. One incredible journey from beginning to end. All thanks to you and the countless others that have been a part of this show. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of Arrow's final story. It has been an honor."

Though only six episodes remain in Arrow's final season, itself a shortened ten episode run down from the usual twenty plus, there is a lot of ground still to cover for the series. Characters from the series will leap over to other shows on The CW for the ever-ambitious "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover episode, which sees the casts of Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow assembling together with a ton of special guests. After that, the penultimate episode of the series will actually be a backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries, a female-led, future-set spin-off series focusing on Oliver and Felicity's daughter and her own super-heroics.

Arrow airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following episodes of The Flash on The CW. The series finale of Arrow will debut on January 28, two weeks after the conclusion of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and a week after the return of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.