Arrow Stars Katie Cassidy, Julilana Harkavy and Katherine McNamara Reveal What They Want to See in Green Arrow and the Canaries

While the future of Green Arrow and the Canaries, the planned spinoff that would re-team Arrow [...]

While the future of Green Arrow and the Canaries, the planned spinoff that would re-team Arrow veterans Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy, and Katherine McNamara, is still up in the air, the trio have been out doing interviews together in support of Arrow. The series that launched a seven shows-and-counting shared universe and set the stage for DC's biggest event ever in the form of last year's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event is set to hit DVD and Blu-ray this week -- both the eighth and final season as well as a pricey and feature-rich complete series set that puts all eight seasons in the palm of your hand.

The trio are hoping that they get to do more of these group interviews together in the years to come, if Green Arrow and the Canaries -- which had a highly-rated backdoor pilot in an episode of Arrow this year -- is ordered to series. What else do they want out of the spinoff? Well, that's what we asked.

"There's something different in this new Mia, in that she has two different sets of memories and two different skillsets, and two different perceptive instincts that now get to blend and create, and now we get to see a different version of the Green Arrow," McNamara told "She's someone who has guilt, in that she hated her father for so many years and now that she knows him and now that she understand why he made the decisions he did, she can kind of carry on his legacy, but not necessarily someone who feels ready to do so. And it's something we can continue to explore now that Mia has a little bit more of a social life."

That means, she said, that the will have more people to bounce off of who have a variety of experiences with and perceptions of Mia, rather than on Arrow where she traveled back in time and hung out with people the audience knew, but who didn't know Mia.

Cassidy told us she is looking forward to "seeing more of the story of the character. I want to know what happened between when we leave Arrow and 2040. What the characters to do get there, what's their journey? I'm excited to hopefully close that gap."

On the other hand, Harkavy said that she's lucky in that the backdoor pilot episode, she already got to put her ambition to work.

"I was really lucky that I got to do what I wanted with Dinah in the pilot episode -- the music," Harkavy said. "I know that in the comics, Dinah, the Black Canary had a band, and she was a musician, and I loved that element of Dinah, and so yeah, I guess my wish has come true."

Arrow's eighth season -- as well as a complete series box set that collects all eight years of the show -- is available on DVD and Blu-ray today.