Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth Could Be Getting His Own TV Series?


Early this morning, Bleeding Cool reported on the possibility of an Alfred Pennyworth series from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

It would be an interesting and odd maneuver -- after all, there are already two live-action Alfred Pennyworths in play -- but it's backed up by a trademark filing for "Pennyworth" in the realm of TV and film.

BC offers a few alternatives -- the film could possibly be a direct-to-video animated feature or a series that centers on Alfred's daughter Julia -- and as with any trademark filing, it could ultimately come to nothing.

A likely scenario -- and one that could tie into either Gotham (in which Pennyworth is played by Sean Pertwee) or Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Jeremy Irons) -- is a webseries companion to existing media.


That said, such a filing is generally approved when there's a credible move toward actually making something. It's difficult to trademark things on a whim on the off chance you one day decide to exploit the trademark.