Big Bang Theory Star Melissa Rauch Joins Night Court Revival

As many fans had already expected when her involvement as executive producer was announced, The [...]

As many fans had already expected when her involvement as executive producer was announced, The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch will star in the anticipated relaunch of Night Court. Her character will be Abby Stone, the daughter of Judge Harry Stone, the original series' lead, played by the late Harry Anderson, who died in 2018. Abby will follow in the footsteps of her father, befriending John Larroquette's Dan Reinhold and overseeing the madness that is the titular courthouse. The original series ran for nine seasons on NBC, where the new series will also air. Warner Bros. TV produces the show.

John Larroquette will return as prosecutor Dan Fielding, a role for which he won an Emmy during the show's original run. Larroquette will also produce, alongside Melissa and Winston Rauch via their After January production company, and Dan Rubin, who is also writing the series.

The official description of the show says that it will center on an unapologetic optimist (Abby Stone) who is the daughter of the late Harry Stone and follows in her father's footsteps, presiding over the night shift in a Manhattan arraignment court. She will try to bring some sense of order to the various personalities that enter her courtroom and those who work there, which includes former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding.

It's not known if Fielding will still be working as a prosecutor or if he is part of the show more as someone close to Abby, but as long as it has the same sense of humor as the original, fans are likely to be excited for what this new take on the sitcom has in store.

Night Court is the latest in a series of high-profile revival projects, ranging from The CW's Kung Fu and Dynasty to recent reinventions of MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O, Murphy Brown, and upcoming revivals of Frasier and LA Law, the latter of which will be produced by Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

Aside from Larroquette, there is no word on which members of the original cast will return to the Manhattan court. Other actors who appeared on the 1984-1992 series included Richard Moll, Markie Post, Charles Robinson, and Marsha Warfield.

Are you excited to see Melissa Rauch back in action as Harry Stone's daughter? Who would you like to see step into the next generation of roles at the Night Court? Sound off in the comments below.