Big City Greens Season 3 "When I Get Home" Song Clip Released (Exclusive)

Big City Greens is set to premiere its Season 3 mid-season premiere, "The Move," on Disney Channel tomorrow, September 24rd, at 9AM ET/PT. As the most recently aired episode, "Dirt Jar," and the name of the new one implies, it will see the Green family moving back to their country home. Ahead of the episode's debut, has been provided an exclusive song clip from Disney Channel that will feature prominently in it.

The song, "When I Get Home," sees the Green family singing about all of the things that they loved and did when in the country previously. The general premise of Big City Greens has been the country family moving to the city, and the song basically explains the sorts of things to expect in the country to family friend Remy. Without spoiling anything, it does appear to be a bit of foreshadowing considering how excited they are to return despite spending a significant amount of time away.

In the song clip, which you can see embedded above, Cricket sings about how much of a country boy he was reigning over the wilderness, Bill sings about how peaceful the whole experience of living in the country was, and Tilly sings about all of her country animal pals and how friendship never ends. There's not long to wait at this point to see how all of that turns out, however.

As noted above, the Big City Greens mid-season premiere, "The Move," is set to premiere on Disney Channel at 9AM ET/PT. "The Greens struggle with some big changes," the official logline states. Broadly speaking, Big City Greens is in the middle of Season 3 and debuts new episodes on Disney Channel before eventually being added to Disney+. The show was created by brothers Chris and Shane Houghton and stars the voices of Chris Houghton as Cricket Green, Artemis Pebdani as Gramma Alice, Marieve Herington as Cricket's sister Tilly Green, Zeno Robinson as Cricket's best friend Remy, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Cricket and Tilly's mother Nancy, and Bob Joles as Cricket and Tilly's father Bill Green. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular animated show right here.

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