Biker Mice From Mars: First Look at New Action Figures Revealed

Earlier this month, we broke the news that Biker Mice From Mars is returning to the mainstream as an animated series and toy line. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the first look at that toy line has surfaced, including three figures of the main characters involved in the cult animated series. On the cover of this spring's Toycollectr magazine is a photo of Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo as they walk amongst a barren landscape on the Martian planet. The toyline comes from Nacelle, the company that now owns the rights to the series. The company has produced many hits for Netflix, including The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us.

"Biker Mice is the perfect way to start 2023 off with a Mars-based bang! And they'll fit in, with their unique, creative brilliance, with the rest of brands we've recently acquired," Nacelle CEO Brian Volk-Weiss told us earlier this month.  See the first look below.

Who are the Biker Mice From Mars?

The original Biker Mice From Mars series first debuted in 1993, featuring three anthropomorphic mice that couldn't be separated from their motorcycles and other toys. The three main characters were voiced by Rob Paulsen, Dorian Harewood, and Ian Ziering. Interestingly enough, Paulsen told us in 2020 the project was one of the main things from his career he'd love to revisit.

"I did another show that was an unabashed, well, not a ripoff. But it's deeply inspired by Turtles. I did a show called Biker Mice From Mars years ago, that I thought was really fun. The three main characters were myself, Ian Ziering, who you guys know from 90210, and Dorian Harewood," Paulsen told us at the time. "That was a pretty cool action-adventure show with some cool music. A lot of humor. There have been rumors about maybe that being rebooted, with a whole bunch of different characters."

A synopsis for the property can be found below:

"On the planet Mars, there existed a race of anthropomorphic mice who enjoyed motorsports and had a very similar culture and society to that of human beings. Eventually, they were all but wiped out by the Plutarkians, an alien race of obese, foul-smelling, worm-eating, fish-like humanoids who plunder other planets for their natural resources. Three survivors: Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, manage to find a spaceship and escape the Plutarkian takeover, but instead, they soon find themselves crash-landing on Earth in the city of Chicago. Along with a charming female mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson, the Biker Mice must defend Earth and defeat the villainous Plutarkians, in an attempt to finally return to their homeland of Mars."