BoJack Horseman Creator Calls Out Amazon and Netflix for Cutting Off Credits

It takes hundreds upon hundreds of hard-working people to bring each of our favorite TV shows to life, working behind the scenes and only getting mentioned in the credits for each episode. Unfortunately, those credits aren't seen by viewers all that often when the shows are on streaming services. Places like Netflix and Amazon autoplay the next episode of a series so quickly that folks don't really get a chance to see the credits of these shows. BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is now taking to Twitter to call out the services for minimizing the efforts of those working behind the scenes.

Bob-Waksberg took to Twitter on Christmas Eve to say that he'd love to work for a network or a service that doesn't cut the credits off in order to advertise the next episode or series.

"Would love to work for a network that doesn't do this," Bob-Waksberg wrote in a tweet. "If you work at one, let's talk."

"A show represents the cumulative tireless work of hundreds of creative artists who dream of one day having their names shrunk into a tiny box and then cut off abruptly by a trailer for The Witcher," he continued in a thread.

Someone responded to Bob-Waksberg's tweets to tell him about their experience watching the Amazon original series, Undone. Bob-Waksberg did also watched the show, and explained that the autoplay for that series actually started before the credits themselves.


"When I watched Undone, they put up an ad for the next episode, over the picture, BEFORE it even hit the credits," he said. "The person I was watching with got so distracted, we had to go back and watch the ending again because she missed it."

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