Chapelle's Show Is Now On Netflix

Chappelle’s Show is now streaming on Netflix and fans are ecstatic about the news. Eventually, the show will find a home at HBO Max as well. It’s been a big week for the comedian as he will be coming back to NBC for SNL next Saturday too. So, everything is coming up Chappelle. Fans on social media quickly listed some of their favorite sketches including A Day in the Life of Lil Jon, Training Day with Wayne Brady, and the Racial Draft just to name a few. It’s been almost 20 years since the Comedy Central show hit the airwaves and nostalgia rules the roost when it comes to streaming. Add all of this to the fact that Netflix helped being Chappelle back into the public eye with his stand-up specials and it’s not hard to see why Netflix would make this move.

“It was bigger than money,” Chappelle began. “You know, I watched one of these nature shows one time. They were talking about how a bushman finds water when it’s scarce. They do what’s called a salt trap. I didn’t know this but apparently, baboons loved salt. So, they’ll put a lump of salt in a hole. And they’ll wait for the baboon. The baboon comes, and sticks his hand in the hole, and grabs the salt. The salt makes his hand bigger and he can’t get his hand out.”

He continued, “If he’s smart, all he does is let go of the salt. Baboon doesn’t want to let go of the salt. Then, the bushman comes, throws the baboon in the cage, and gives him all the salt he wants. The baboon gets thirst, the bushman lets him out of the cage and the first thing the baboon runs to is water. The bushman follows him and then they both drink their fill. In that analogy, I felt like the baboon. I was smart enough to let go of the salt.”

Chappelle is also coming back to host Saturday Night Live this weekend. A lot of fans are excited to see what a beloved comedian has to say about the current state of the world. Back in 2017, he explained his decision to return.

“One of the reasons, once I decided that I had to show up. I didn’t know if I was up to making that strong of a commitment,” the Netflix star told CBS This Morning. “It was a perfect storm of circumstances that made me do it. Lorne Michaels is a genius. So Lorne was adamant that I would do the slot after the election. I want you to do the first show after the election. The decisive fact that had a lot to do with it was A Tribe Called Quest… There was a week a few months prior where we all got together and it was a sad occasion, Phife Dawg’s funeral. Phife had passed and we all went to The Apollo for his funeral and the next day we went to Q-Tip’s house to pay respects.”


“It was a really warm night, Jack White was there, The RZA from Wu-Tang was there, DeAngelo. It was a real eclectic room,” he reflected. “Q-Tip wanted me to host. He was very emphatic that this was the last Tribe album ever. And that was the tipping point.

Will you be catching some classic Chappelle’s Show on streaming this weekend? Let us know down in the comments!