The CRM Returns to Fear the Walking Dead in Season 7 Sneak Peek

The Civic Republic Military is touching back down on Fear the Walking Dead. In Season 7 Episode 6, "Reclamation," now streaming on AMC+ and premiering November 21 on AMC, Morgan Jones's (Lennie James) search for Althea(Maggie Grace) puts a target on his back. More than two months after Al called on CRM soldier Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) to fly her friends away from the blasts of Teddy's (John Glover) nuclear warheads in "The Beginning," a CRM Reclamation team is out for their target: Ground 17. In the sneak peek from Sunday's episode, a CRM Reclamation team threatens to eliminate Morgan and Grace (Karen David) unless Al gives up Isabelle's whereabouts. 

"There's gotta be another way. We have a daughter," Grace tells the black-suited soldiers of adopted daughter Baby Mo. "She needs us! Whatever your reason is here, you have to understand that."

Morgan tells them Al doesn't have the intel they need, but the CRM soldiers prepare to fire as Al attempts to save Morgan and Grace's lives over the radio. "Killing them will not get me to talk," says Al, who was sworn to secrecy when she was caught up in the CRM conspiracy back in Season 5. 

Season 7 of Fear is currently set several years behind The Walking Dead: World Beyond, where Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the CRM are carrying out Project Votus ten years post-outbreak. 

"Each show has a different piece of the puzzle. But those pieces of the puzzle ... aren't just plots. They're personal stories for the characters that do advance aspects of like the greater mythology," Scott Gimple, chief content officer of TWD Universe and the executive producer of Fear and World Beyond, said during this year's virtual Comic-Con. "But the CRM stuff in Fear really has to do with a couple [of] characters very deeply, and their situation bleeds out to other characters."

The CRM's return is "part of a personal and emotional story on [Fear]," Gimple added of Al and Isabelle's romantic relationship left up in the air after Season 5. "It just so happens, though, that it does give other information to the greater world in which [the characters] inhabit. And there are sort of interesting historical or prequel aspects because this [Fear Season 7] happens earlier than things we see on the other shows."

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