Debris Cancelled After One Season

Debris, the conspiracy-drama from Fringe producer J.H. Wyman, has been cancelled after a single [...]

Debris, the conspiracy-drama from Fringe producer J.H. Wyman, has been cancelled after a single season at NBC. The season finale, which will now serve as a series finale as long as there is no change of venue or TV movie to wrap things up, aired on Monday. The packed episode set up an expanded mythology going forward, as the penultimate episode brought in a device that would isolate the locations of every piece of debris on the planet, allowing whoever possessed it a huge advantage in tracking them down and using them for their own ends.

Debris followed a CIA agent (Jonathan Tucker) and an MI6 agent (Riann Steele), who are part of a joing international task force aimed at collecting a strange xenometal. Debris of an alien spacecraft has been falling across Earth over the last six months. An international task force is formed to identify and collect these pieces because they are found to have unusual and often deadly effects on humans and their surroundings. The show follows partners CIA operative Bryan Beneventi and MI6 operative Finola Jones as they track down these pieces. But there are also others who are seeking the pieces for themselves.

"It's such an amazing opportunity to be able to be in a show that has both action and character, because saving-the-world acting and saving-the-world scenes are often really just very quick dialogue, very information driven and can be quite expositional," star Riann Steele recently told ComicBook. "And you're often in scenes where they're doing a lot of the effects or green screen, and so when you have these emotional moments and key moments, and having a storyline alongside it, you're able to just drop into this other place. It can really help the character and anchor the character within those kinds of action parts of the story. But as an actor to be able to just, even just one little scene, there are so many complex layers that you have to build from scratch. And so it is a gift to, and a challenge to an actor and I have enjoyed it and been immensely grateful for it, to peel back those layers and find the contradictions."

You can find the complete season of Debris on NBC's Peacock app soon.

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