Disney+ Developing a Turner & Hooch TV Series

People love dogs and it's very clear that the folks at Disney+ know that. The streamer released a [...]

People love dogs and it's very clear that the folks at Disney+ know that. The streamer released a live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp when it launched back in November, and is set to release the Alaskan sled-dog film Togo, as well as the dog-starring docu-series Pick of the Litter, this Friday. Disney+ is going all in on the dog content that fans crave, and now another canine project it being developed by the service, this one based on beloved Tom Hanks comedy Turner & Hooch.

Deadline reported on Monday that the 1989 buddy cop movie will be getting the reboot treatment in the form of a new TV series. Disney+ is working on an adaptation of Turner & Hooch with 20th Century Fox TV and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix.

There isn't much information about the series just yet, and it hasn't been given the official green light from Disney+, but an order is reportedly expected in the near future. This new take on Turner & Hooch will be keeping close to the plot of the original film, which follows a police detective named Scott Turner (Hanks) and his dog, Hooch.

In the original Turner & Hooch, Scott Turner reluctantly takes in the slobbery dog after its owner, Turner's close friend, was murdered. While he's not excited about adopting the pup, Turner ends up using Hooch to help him find his friend's murderer. The film also starred Mare Winningham and Craig T. Nelson and grossed $71 million at the box office, a substantial hit considering its $13 million budget. If you need a refresher on the movie, or you've never actually seen it, Turner & Hooch is currently streaming on Disney+.

ABC tried to revive Turner & Hooch as a TV series once before, bringing back the same dog to play Hooch and replacing Hanks with Thomas F. Wilson in 1990, but it never got picked up to series.

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