Verizon CEO Says Disney+ Deal Has "Exceeded" Expectations

Long before its November 12th launch, Disney+ was being considered a must-have streaming service [...]

Long before its November 12th launch, Disney+ was being considered a must-have streaming service amongst fans. The service would include a massive roster of movies and films that housed the likes of Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it would only cost $6.99 per month. That was considered a steal compared to all of the other streaming services out there. No one thought the deal of Disney+ could get any better, but Verizon wireless aimed to prove that notion wrong.

It was announced ahead of the Disney+ release that the House of Mouse had partnered with Verizon to give customers a free year of the new streaming service. Anyone who had an unlimited wireless plan through Verizon or the Verizon FiOS Internet service was eligible for an entire year of Disney+, free of charge. The deal was aiming to help both companies add subscribers, and it seems as though it has done just that.

This week, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg spoke at an investor conference in New York (per THR), and noted to those in attendance that the deal with Disney+ had already gone better than he'd hoped.

"It beat our expectations, even though we had high expectations," Vestberg said. He continued on to say that the Disney+ deal has "exceeded" the initial expectations in terms of pushing existing users to unlimited plans as well as seeing new customers sign up.

Unfortunately, in regards to specifics, Vestberg declined to mention exactly how many customers have taken advantage of the Disney+ deal, saying instead that it would be up to Disney to reveal those numbers. "I cannot comment on our figures, they have commented on their figures," he said.

He also noted during the conference that the deal with Disney could set the stage for deals with other companies and services in the future. "We know how to deal with great partners like Disney that have a great value for us," Vestberg explained. We went on to say that the Disney+ deal is "not about reselling a service. It's a business relationship where they are gaining a lot."

Have you signed up for Disney+ yet? Did you take advantage of the Verizon deal? Let us know in the comments! If you aren't a Verizon customer, you can try out Disney+ here.. Disney has also launched a gift card option for the holidays.

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