'Doctor Who': The Tenth Doctor and Jenny Return in New Video

David Tennant's time on Doctor Who may have ended over eight years ago, but his Tenth Doctor will [...]

David Tennant's time on Doctor Who may have ended over eight years ago, but his Tenth Doctor will always live on in the hearts of fans and, it seems, in clever video messages for friends.

Tennant recreated his role as the Tenth Doctor alongside his wife, Georgia Tennant, who appeared as The Doctor's daughter in the appropriately titled episode "The Doctor's Daughter," for a short video to wish his friend, Doctor Who script editor Gary Russell, farewell upon Russell's move to Australia back in 2013. You can check out the video embedded below.

The video, which was posted to Georgia's Twitter account, shows Tennant's Doctor horrified that the Earth is once again endangered by The Cardiff Rift, a fictional wormhole located in Cardiff Bay, Wales that was a key part of the series' mythos during the Tenth Doctor era. Georgia's Jenny, for her part, was completely unbothered by the situation, eventually revealing that Russel was simply moving to Australia and thus, the world was in no danger.

While it's fun to see Tennant as the Tenth Doctor again, for many fans this tease probably isn't quite the character reprisal they'd prefer. Tennant's turn as the Doctor remains one of the most popular of all time, with the actor playing the role on the BBC series from 2005 to 2010. When his time came to an end, his incarnation regenerated into Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. Doctor Who is now on its Thirteenth Doctor, portrayed by actress Jodie Whittaker. Whittaker is the first female incarnation of the Doctor and, during an appearance at New Orleans' Wizard World Comic Con, Tennant spoke highly of Whittaker and what she'd bring to Doctor Who.

"I think she'll bring herself," Tennant said in response to a fan asking what the actress will bring to the long-running role.

"I don't mean that to sound as flippant as it did. What Jodie has sort of become known for as an actress, she's so brilliantly and heart-stoppingly emotional, in something like Broadchurch, where she just broke a nation's heart with this wonderful portrait of this mother and these awful desperate straits," Tennant said.

"And I think people have often gone to Jodie to break our hearts, because she does it so wonderfully. But if you know Jodie, she's so funny and rude and she's got this broad accent, and she's just sort of fizzes with energy and madness. She's quite unpredictable and glorious and funny. And I imagine -- I don't know -- but I imagine she'll bring a bit of that, too, and her natural anarchy will be something that the Doctor will enjoy."

Series 11 of Doctor Who debuts this fall.