Doctor Who: Is Olly Alexander Replacing Jodie Whittaker?

Will Olly Alexander replace Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in Doctor Who after the upcoming [...]

Will Olly Alexander replace Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in Doctor Who after the upcoming Thirteenth Season? For months, rumors have circulated that Whittaker, like her Doctor Who predecessors, would exit the show after her third season as the Doctor. The BBC has brushed aside such rumors before. Meanwhile, talk of Alexander becoming the new Doctor began when he appeared in It's a Sin, a drama created by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies. The miniseries included an installment where Alexander's character is part of a fictional Doctor Who episode's production. The rumors suggest that Davies is pushing for Alexander to become the next Doctor.

Many fans still think Whittaker could exit the show after Season 13 but brushed aside talk of Alexander replacing the actress. That changed when British tabloid The Sun ran a new report stating that Alexander is in "advanced talks" to take over as the Fourteenth Doctor after Whittaker's exit.

Doct Who Olly Alexander Jodie Whittaker
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"Olly is on the verge of being announced as the new Doctor. Negotiations are at an advanced stage," The Sun claims. "He's been heavily promoted for the role by Russell — who he's worked closely with on other projects. Russell was impressed with his work and felt he was a great fit for the Doctor. It's definitely happening, he's just had to keep quiet about it while negotiations were finalised."

Despite coming from a tabloid, the report has garnered much attention. The BBC continues to maintain its silence on the matter. Davies, it should be noted, no longer works on Doctor Who. Alexander's manager, Martha Kinn, took to social media to deny the rumor with a Doctor Who pun-filled post.

"Even though Olly is often contacted by Cybermen, I'm afraid I have to exerminate this speculation," Kinn writes (via Metro). "As nice as it is to see interest in this story regenerate, it just isn't true. As ood as it might sound, Olly is focusing on his music, for the time being."

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That might be the end of the rumor. Then again, Doctor Who fans may assume it's a lie to keep Alexander's casting a secret. Fans will likely continue to speculate about Whittaker's future with the show and Alexander's involvement until her departure, whenever that may be, is made official and her replacement named.

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