Doctor Who Season 12 Trailer Released

The BBC has released the new trailer for Doctor Who Season 12. The season wrapped production [...]

The BBC has released the new trailer for Doctor Who Season 12. The season wrapped production earlier this week. "We're off again!" showrunner Chris Chibnall said in the new season announcement. "Well we never actually stopped - as Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and friends have been winning the hearts of families across the nation this autumn, we've been busy with a whole new set of action packed adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor. We adore making this show and have been blown away by the response from audiences, so we can't wait to bring more scares, more monsters and more Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole to BBC One. Brilliant!"

"We're delighted that the Doctor and her friends will be returning to thrill audiences in 2020," Charlotte Moore, BBC director of content. "I know Chris and the whole team are already working on a whole new set of exciting adventures. In the meantime we've got a very special episode on New Year's Day for everyone to enjoy."

Jodie Whittaker returns to star as the Thirteenth Doctor. She debuted in the role in Season 11, becoming the first woman to play an incarnation of the Doctor. "I really can't wait to step back in and get to work again," Whittaker said when the show was renewed, confirming her return. "It's such an incredible role. It's been an extraordinary journey so far and I'm not quite ready to hand it over yet."

The new season also sees the return of Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill as Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair, and Yasmin Khan, respectively. These three are each companions to Whittaker's Doctor.

In an interview with Radio Times, Chibnall revealed he's already working on the show' thirteenth season. he also said that there's no validity to rumors that he was considering leaving the series. "Please write this verbatim – somebody made that up, it was a lie," he said. "It's 100% grade-A… shall I say nonsense, or shall I say bullshit? I don't know how many times to say it. I swear on my life."

Whittaker had a similar reaction to reports that she was departing the show's lead role. "Apparently everyone shut down filming 'cause I was pregnant," Whittaker said. "My go-to reaction is always, has that happened? Am I pregnant? Because Twitter says I was…"

"I'm not on social media," added Chibnall. "But so far these social media resources… probably not very on the mark."

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