Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: The Team Faces Off With Dr. Tyme in "Tyme Patrol"

In the previous episode of Doom Patrol, 'Fun Size Patrol', Niles made a deal to restore everyone [...]

In the previous episode of Doom Patrol, "Fun Size Patrol", Niles made a deal to restore everyone to normal size, one that comes with a high cost to himself personally. Now that things are closer to "normal", though, the team has to deal with not only the fallout of Niles' most recent decision, the fact that he's responsible for all of their traumas not to mention dealing with Dorothy as well. It's a lot to juggle and you can read on for our spoiler-filled recap of "Tyme Patrol" to find out how the team manages and exactly how they end up facing off with Dr. Tyme.

Warning: Spoilers for the second episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Tyme Patrol" below.

The episode opens with Niles telling his version of the scene that the season premiere opened with in London, England 1927. He had returned to England from the United States upon reports of a travelling carnival with a beast that he recognized as being the beast connected to the woman he loved and immediately had concerns that the show's "ape faced girl" was his daughter. That concern is confirmed, especially when the beast recognizes Niles. The crowd starts attacking the beast and then all hell breaks loose, and we see what killed everyone: the terrifying creature the Candlemaker.

Two years later, Dorothy hasn't aged, and Niles takes her to Danny -- then an alley -- to keep her safe. In the present, Cliff is interrogating Niles about why he did to them what he did, and Niles explained how he got the necklace that gave him longevity, but longevity isn't immorality, hence his experiments on the Doom Patrol. Niles reveals he traded the necklace and reveals that now his time is running out.

Jane is awakened by "Darling" and freaks out, prompting several of Jane's personalities to briefly come out with the message "time for a change." Jane gets high again to quiet them. At breakfast, Dorothy reveals to Rita and Jane that she overheard things with Niles and that he's dying. Niles himself concerns it for Jane, Cliff, and Rita and it becomes clear that they're going to need to figure out how to take care of Dorothy should Niles die. Larry arrives, declares them to be Niles' failed experiments. He also reveals that his son died, but thanks to Niles he doubts said son even knew he existed.

In Detroit, Vic shows up at a trauma support group, but the woman sharing -- Roni -- takes issue with Vic because of the camera built into his face. He has to turn it off in order to stay. He also tries share but can't bring himself to do so. Later, Vic goes to talk with Roni, and they bond a bit. Later, Roni is nearly mugged, but she refuses to let Vic call the police because she doesn't believe in letting kid's lives be ruined by a mistake. She wants Vic to give him another chance. He eventually agrees.

Back at Doom Manor, Niles tries to reassure Dorothy he will be okay, and she suggests that she could make a wish, but Niles grows very upset and tells her that she can never make a wish. Outside, Jane gets her things off the bus to move back into the house saying she needs Chief because things are becoming complicated in the Underground.

Rita comes across Niles in his lab trying to figure out how to not die and explains to Rita about Dr. Tyme who, thanks to an extraterrestrial mineral, was able to travel around time. Rita decides they need to find him. She holds a mission briefing to steal Dr. Tyme's helmet so it can slow down Niles' decline. Jane is in because she doesn't want Dorothy locked up. Cliff doesn't want to help because of what Niles has done to them but eventually decides to go. The trio enters a wormhole and finds themselves in Dr. Tyme's time capsule which just so happens to be a roller rink from the August 8, 1980 and Dr. Tyme already knows what they're there for.

Larry attends his son Gary's funeral from afar, but when paying his respects, his other son, Paul, approaches and recognizes him upon hearing Larry's voice. Turns out Gary believed Larry was alive all this time. Larry learns he has a grandson and Paul invites him to the family gathering. Larry goes, but instead of going in, he goes into the shed and discovers all of Gary's research, old letters, and even parts from Larry's plane crash. Crushed by grief, Larry breaks down.

At the roller disco, things take a turn when Cliff turns off the music and Rita tries to take Dr. Tyme's helmet except it turns out it's not a helmet. It's his head and his brain is the mineral. Cliff touches it, Jane touches him and they're both forced to relive horrors from their pasts. Rita resets the clock on Dr. Tyme's face and reverses events. He is restored, tells Rita she'll never be more than a fraud and then sends them back to Niles. Rita breaks down. In her room, Jane ends up seeing Miranda's memory and it's revealed that Miranda was powerful long before the metahuman powers.

As Larry walks away from his son's home, he's stopped by a field of butterflies -- and is quickly swarmed by them.

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