Drake Bell's "Wipe It Down" Tik Tok Goes Viral For Bringing Back Totally Kyle

A new challenge has started to take over Tik Tok, and it's called the wipe it down challenge. For [...]

A new challenge has started to take over Tik Tok, and it's called the wipe it down challenge. For this challenge, people take a towel or a rag to a mirror and wipe it down, but whey they wipe the mirror another version of them is revealed, and as you might expect, people have been having quite a bit of fun with the premise. You can add Drake Bell to that mix, though he went above and beyond for his version of the challenge, bringing back an old fan favorite from his Amanda Show days. That would be the man known as Totally Kyle, and fans ate up his return with a spoon.

Bell sprayed some cleaner on the mirror and wiped once, which was followed by the music kicking in. As the song said wipe, he would do just that, but he wipes the mirror for the fourth time we see Drake disappear, replaced by Totally Kyle.

The long blonde hair and the tie-dye shirt were back, and his expression was hilarious, as Totally Kyle looked quite happy to be back. When the next wipe occurs though, we see Drake looking pretty freaked out, as it appears Totaly Kyle didn't exactly clear his return with him.


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This was a great way to take on the challenge and include a bit of fan service at the same time, and you can watch it in the video above.

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For those who don't remember, Bell was a part of Amanda Byne's hit Nickelodeon show The Amanda Show, itself a spinoff of the popular show All That. Bell reprised the character of Totally Kyle several times on the show, and his trademark look was the long blonde hair, the tie-dye shirt, and an electric guitar, which he always had on him.

This was a nice throwback for sure, and fans might get to see him reprise another Nickelodeon role if things work out with the much-teased Drake and Josh revival. Bell recently teased an idea the duo has for the project, though he wouldn't give any time frame.

"We're working on something," Bell told People. "I'm excited. I think we have a great idea. [The show] is going to be way more creative, way cooler than just you know the college years or something like that. We knew that if we were ever going to come back, it's got to be something cool. I'm excited to see what the fans think."

Hopefully we get to see that happen, and who knows, maybe Totally Kyle will also show up.