Final Space Creator Launches Grassroots Emmy For Your Consideration Campaign

Sometimes you've just got to do things yourself. In the case of Final Space creator Olan Rogers, [...]

Sometimes you've just got to do things yourself. In the case of Final Space creator Olan Rogers, that means putting together a "For Your Consideration" campaign for the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards all by himself. Rogers, who's the operator behind the show's official Twitter account, uploaded a special FYC trailer Sunday afternoon, helping promote the seven different potential nominees both he and the network are pushing for nominations at this year's Emmys.

In total, five voice actors are included in the push for Outstanding Voice Performance, including Rogers (Gary Godspeed, Mooncake, Tribore), Tika Sumpter (Quinn, Nightfall), Tom Kenny (HUE), Coty Galloway (Avocato), and Fred Armisen (KVN). Other FYC pushes include Ben Bjelaac (Outstanding Main Title Design) and art director Devin Roth, for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation.

"Our tiny, grassroots, zero dollar funded Emmy campaign for Final Space," Rogers writes on Twitter. "It will no doubt be seen by ALL THE EMMY VOTERS! And we will either win ALL THE AWARDS or mostly [sic] likely NONE!"

Entries had to be submitted June 5th before voting for nominees begins on July 2nd. The voting process lasts about 10 days and then the nominees will be announced July 28th. This year's awards are currently set to take place on September 20th, though that stands to change due to the fluidity of COVID-related shutdowns.

When we spoke with Rogers last year, the Nashville native told us he had around six seasons worth of story laid out. He and his team are actively working on the third season, though Adult Swim has yet to officially announce plans for the season.

"Yeah, I think it's around there," Rogers told of his plans of the show. "Like it's a solid six seasons of ideas. I know we have pretty much a solid Season Three thought out but whatever happens with that, I don't know. Hopefully, it manifests but I think it's really kind of around that sixth season mark where it's like this would be a good ending spot, but if we want to stretch it, we could."

The first two seasons of Final Space are now available wherever digital media is sold.