First-Ever Golden Girls Fan Convention Coming to Chicago

This April, a group of Golden Girls fans are setting up shop for Golden Con: Thank You for Being a Fan, a Golden Girls fan convention in Chicago. The series, which centered on a quartet of older women living together, starred Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty, and aired from 1985 to 1992. It had a hugely successful run in syndication after the initial series run, and has never disappeared from the pop culture consciousness since. Since around 2010, the series has gained a new wave of popularity as younger people who were not alive during the original run have discovered.

While Betty White has not yet agreed to appear, the organizers told Entertainment Weekly that they plan to have as many guests who appeared on or helped create the show as possible. The Golden Con website also lists a number of events for the weekend, including a "Greatest Gift" vendor's market, live parody shows from the Hell in a Handbag Theater Company, appearances by guest stars and producers on the show, a "Mother of a Solid Gold Dancer" dance party, a pop-up Rusty Anchor bar, the "Chicago: You've Got Style" costume parade, and the "Grab! That! Trivia! Dough!" contest.

Obviously, Golden Girls is not the first TV series to get a convention all its own. Shows like The Office, Supernatural, and Star Trek have been doing it for years. It's almost surprising that a show as popular as Golden Girls never got one before now.

You can see a photo below from the organizers, which will help you follow them on social media.

"We're creating a space where fans can celebrate all the things they love about the show; friendships, laughter, families of choice, Scandinavian nitwits, sexy Southern belles, stern substitute teachers and Sicilians," Zack Hudson, one of the event's coordinators, told Edge Media Network.

"Folks go through enough daily — don't get me started on life in a pandemic — that we need to embrace the things we love. And that's one of the remarkable things about 'The Golden Girls,' it's something that unites people across multiple demographics and age groups," said Brad Balof, the other coorindator. "You walk through an airport with a 'The Golden Girls' shirt on, and you're going to make friends. That's what we want for Golden-Con. We want folks to bring and celebrate the friends they have and make new ones while they're here at the event."  

Golden Con: Thank You For Being a Fan will take place on April 22-24, 2022. Tickets are not yet available, but you can keep an eye on the website above, or on ComicBook, for updates.