Comic-Con 2020: For All Mankind Gets Season 2 Trailer From Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for the second season of For All Mankind during the [...]

Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for the second season of For All Mankind during the series' Comic-Con@Home virtual panel on Saturday. The alternate history sci-fi series imagines a world where the Soviet Union beat the United States to the moon, prompting a continued space race and, from the looks of things in the trailer, that race is about to heat up in a very tense and potentially devastating way. The trailer features a somber voiceover in the form of a speech from President Ronald Reagan telling people that the "greatest threat the United States faces is posed by the Soviet Union" while images of fighter jets and rockets blasting off visually tease conflict to come.

As teased in a post-credits scene attached to the Season 1 finale, Season 2 of the series will be set in the 1980s, a time jump that producers and cast discussed a bit during the panel while also discussing highlights from Season 1.

For All Mankind debuted on Apple TV+ in November 2019. Series creator Ronald D. Moore spoke with last fall a bit about the show's alternate history and how the series balances historical "accuracy" with telling interesting and compelling stories.

"We talk a lot about that. I think everything that we've done in terms of the alternate history has been thoroughly vetted in the room and debated and talked about. We've done a lot of research and our mandate has always sort of been, 'it needs to be plausible,'" Moore said. "We're not necessarily saying this is the way it would have happened, because who could know that? But what we're saying, on any given historical turn of events that happens in the show is, we believe that there's a logical chain of events that can get you there and that it's more than plausible that these things could have happened. We try to take great care to incorporate real historical events into the series overall and how they change. Sometimes they happen in different ways. Sometimes certain historical events feel like we've skipped them or that maybe they didn't occur and then a similar occurrence pops up later. That's part of the fun too."

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