Game of Thrones Visual Effects Supervisor Weighs in on Backlash to Final Season

Since its debut in 2011, Game of Thrones has gone on to be one of the biggest pop culture [...]

Since its debut in 2011, Game of Thrones has gone on to be one of the biggest pop culture fixations of the decade, making this year's final season a highly anticipated event. The final six episodes of the season were some of the most-watched programs of all time, yet not all fans had positive things to say about the experience. Whether it be things like the low light levels of Episode Three or that a contemporary coffee cup was spotted in the background of Episode Four, fans opted to focus on their specific grievances with episodes as opposed to praising the series' accomplishments. Weta Digital visual effects supervisor Martin Hill, who worked on the final season of the series, noted that these criticisms mostly speak to how passionate fans are about the show.

"I actually was fortunate enough to go to a cast and crew screening in L.A. at the Mann's Chinese Theater for episode three," Hill revealed to "And when we saw it there, it didn't look too dark at all, and it looked really great. And the reaction from the cast and crew when the Dothraki light up in that big wave, the shot we did, people just started screaming, and it was just this terrific feeling. So yeah, I don't know, maybe there was something not quite right with the compression settings on the streaming services or something. I had a look at it again. It did seem a little darker on the TV."

With the series having depicted all manner of battles over the years, the show's creators have been vocal about episode three, entitled "The Long Night," looking exactly as they wanted it to, as the darker light levels conveyed more terror than anything seen in the series before.

"The show is watched by so many millions of people that, of course, it's not going to suit everyone," Hill pointed out. "What fascinates me is just the amount of passion for the show, where you've got people just being so involved in it and taking it so personally. That really shows how highly the esteem of the show is held by the fans, and I think that's terrific."

Additionally, the visual effects artist noted that, while some viewers were quick to gripe, they still continued to consume the series rabidly.

"When people are critical of the CG, I think people should be able to voice their opinions," Hill pointed out. "But what I can't help noticing is no one's really stopping watching it. They're always back for the next episode."

All seasons of Game of Thrones are available on Digital HD now. You can learn more about Weta Digital at their official website.

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