These ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop Up Cards are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

HBO and LovePop have partnered on what we believe to be the greatest greeting cards of all-time. [...]


HBO and LovePop have partnered on what we believe to be the greatest greeting cards of all-time. With Valentine's Day coming up, what could be more romantic than giving your significant other a Game of Thrones card with a pop up Iron Throne or the Knight King riding atop Viseron as he breathes blue fire? Nothing, that's what.

Truth be told, these cards would be good for ANY occasion - and you have five different cards to choose from! The lineup includes:

Game of Thrones Logo Iron Throne Card
House Greyjoy Euron's Ship Card
House Stark Weirwood Tree Card
House Targaryen Daenerys and Drogan Card
White Walker Night King and Viserion Card

The Daenerys, Night King, and Iron Throne cards are real must-haves as far as we're concerned, but this is one of those situations where it would be worth it to get the entire set. Plus, doing so will save you $25 vs buying them individually. Honestly, $10 per card is pretty reasonable when you consider that a lot of boring Papyrus-style cards run in that range, and the recipient is likely to keep these instead of throwing them in the trash after a couple of days. You can pick up the entire Game of Thrones set here while supplies last.

Each of the Game of Thrones 3D cards features a laser cut design on the front and a pop up element on the inside. There are no pre-printed greetings, so you're free to include your own sentiment. We suggest something like "A love story as it ought to be written".

As fantastic as these Game of Thrones cards are, you'll probably need a gift to go with it for Valentine's Day. Sticking with the Game of Thrones theme, you could get one of these cozy fleece blankets that are on sale for $20. How about a nice bottle of Game of Thrones wine? Then you could bring the gifts together with a lovely plush dragon bouquet.

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