G.I. Joe Retro Figures and a Sixth Scale Storm Shadow Exclusive Launch for SDCC 2021

There are new collectible releases happening everywhere thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2021 / [...]


There are new collectible releases happening everywhere thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2021 / Comic-Con@Home, but if you're a G.I. Joe fan, this is one stop shopping. Hasbro added a bunch of new figures to their 3.75-inch scale Retro Collection and Threezero droppped a spectacular G.I. Joe Camo Storm Shadow 1/6th scale figure. Let's break it down.

The G.I. Joe Retro Collection lineup was launched as part of Walmart's Collector Con exclusive lineup. The wave included numerous figures and a Cobra HISS III vehicle with classic styling. The entire wave is available to pre-order via the links below.


If you have the means, the Threezero X Hasbro G.I. Joe Camo Storm Shadow 1:6 Scale Action Figure also went up for pre-order today here at Entertainment Earth for $189.99 with free shipping set for March 2022 (you won't be charged until it ships). The figure is a Previews Exclusive that's inspired by Hasbro's 1988 Storm Shadow version 2 figure. It stands at 12-inches tall with high-end detail and accessories that include a bow, arrows, swappable hands, and nunchaku.

But that's not all! Super7 debuted a wave of G.I Joe figures in their 7-inch scale Ultimates line and their 3.75-inch ReAction lineup last week. Details on those figures are available right here.

In related news, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins hit theaters today, July 23rd, and the reviews are trickling in. Critics aren't loving it, but Comicbook.com's Brandon Davis did have some positive things to say in his Snake Eyes official review:

"Snake Eyes: G.I. Jones Origins is a fine movie with lots of action and interesting characters who could benefit from a more balanced story where they more evenly spread their involvement with the main story rather than being forced to prop others up throughout. [Henry] Golding's turn as an action star doesn't stand out, but with [Andrew] Koji, [Samara] Weaving, and [Ursula] Corbero, it's enough to warrant a continuation by the time the credits roll."

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