'Good Omens' Casts Benedict Cumberbatch As Satan

The cast of Amazon's Good Omens continues to get better and better.During the show's panel at the [...]

The cast of Amazon's Good Omens continues to get better and better.

During the show's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, it was revealed that the show's iteration of Satan will be voiced by none other than Avengers: Infinity War and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch. The news was revealed by Neil Gaiman, who co-wrote the original Good Omens novel with Terry Pratchett, and executive produces the long-awaited Amazon adaptation.

"It's a giant animated Satan." Gaiman explained. "He turns up and we needed a performance that works. So we found a young British help that needed a lot of direction from Douglas… Benedict Cumberbatch."

Cumberbatch's Satan, who is expected to appear in the series' sixth episode, will have an interesting foil in Frances McDormand, who will portray the voice of God.

The series follows Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant), an angel and a demon who set out on a mission to locate the misplaced 11-year-old Antichrist in a near-apocalyptic world.

"It's a massive, epic, sweeping show," Tennant said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I can't wait to see the finished product. It's quite hard to imagine at the moment. They've got months of post-production. It's going to be one of the joys of it, seeing how it all comes together."

"[Crowley is] a demon, who's been stationed on earth since the Garden of Eden, who ends up teaming up with his opposite number, Aziraphale, played by Michael Sheen, to avert the oncoming apocalypse," Tennant added. "They decide that actually, they quite like their life on earth as it is, and humanity being wiped out would mean they'd have to go back and live in heaven and hell, which is not a prospect that particularly cheers them. So they set out to undermine the coming of the Antichrist."

The series' cast also includes Nick Offerman as the U.S. Ambassador, and Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel.

Good Omens will debut on Friday, May 31st, on Amazon Prime.