Green Arrow and the Canaries Star Katherine McNamara Says She's "Not Done" Playing Mia Smoak

The CW's DC Comics roster of shows is set to go through a major overhaul in the next year, with [...]

The CW's DC Comics roster of shows is set to go through a major overhaul in the next year, with the final seasons of Supergirl and Black Lightning, and with new shows like Painkiller, Wonder Girl, and Naomi currently in development. One of the projects that fans have been most excited to see updates around is Green Arrow and the Canaries, which aired a backdoor pilot during Arrow's final season but has yet to officially be picked up by the network. In a recent interview with TVLine, Mia Smoak actress Katherine McNamara addressed the series' fate, and hinted that even if it doesn't get picked up, she definitely wants to continue to appear in the Arrowverse.

"It's been a while now," McNamara explained. "I have no idea what's on the horizon for that, but I do know that I'm not done with Mia Smoak. As you know with that universe, people are brought back left, right, and center. I would love to go back and play in that world."

"I was really looking forward to seeing how Mia dealt with having this duality as a character — the fact that she had her post-Crisis future and her pre-Crisis future, and now she has the tools of both at her disposal," McNamara continued. "But also dealing with taking up her father's mantle before she feels she's ready, and before she feels as though she's earned it. That would be an interesting journey."

Green Arrow and the Canaries would star McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy, as they attempt to save Star City from the brink of destruction in the 2040s.

"You know, obviously I had such a lovely time playing Mia," McNamara told's Talking Shop video interview series earlier this year. "I'd love to be back, especially now that there are so many exciting things for her, taking on the mantle of Green Arrow and moving forward. They made me a really badass suit that I love so I'd love to wear it again, but we'll see. Time will tell."

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