Green Lantern: Guy Gardner Actor Finn Wittrock Recounts "Daunting" Audition Process

HBO Max's Green Lantern series is finally coming into focus, and now we know that Finn Wittrock [...]

HBO Max's Green Lantern series is finally coming into focus, and now we know that Finn Wittrock will be bringing the character of Guy Gardner to life in the anticipated series. Fans are excited to see the character brought to the small screen, and we recently got a glimpse behind the scenes during a new Q&A with Wittrock and Rotten Tomatoes. Wittrock was asked about the audition process for the Gardner, and he admits it was a bit daunting and bigger than what he expected, but it all worked out in the end.

"I did an old-fashioned screen test if everyone knows what that is," Wittrock said. "Usually on an audition, you go to a casting office or here, I've done lots of auditions here in front of a screen. But the old school way of doing it was you go to a studio and they put lights and a camera like a real film and you do a proper scene, so that's what I did."

"It was kind of daunting and way bigger than I thought it would be," Wittrock said. "Vickie Thomas, who's this casting director who I was always a little, not scared of, but an impressive woman, she sat on this dolly as they pushed into my face on this little stool and read with me. She has a special place in my heart. Then like a week later I found out I got it, so it was very cool. I was very thankful."

Wittrock has been featured on several seasons of American Horror Story and is also known for roles in Ratched and American Crime Story. He'll join a cast that will feature Scott, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and a new Lantern named Bree Jarta. If the future castings are as good as this one, we could be in for quite an epic show indeed.

The show will revolve around several lead characters, and will also feature favorites from the books like Kilowog and Sinestro. No word on how (or if) characters like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and the other Corps will factor in, but hopefully, we at least get them in some limited capacity before season's end.

You can check out the synopsis for the new series below.

"From HBO Max, DC, Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television comes a bold adaptation of the iconic comic book franchise, a saga spanning decades and galaxies. Green Lantern will depict the adventures of a multitude of Lanterns, including Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Alan Scott — Earth's first Green Lantern, who, true to the comics, is a gay man — and many more. The series will also include fan favorites such as Sinestro and Kilowog, and will also introduce new heroes to the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps."

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