HBO Max Offering Free Episodes On Snapchat

HBO Max is partnering with Snapchat to bring free episodes of their shows to the social media [...]

HBO Max is partnering with Snapchat to bring free episodes of their shows to the social media platform. If you're not using Snap as much, the app has introduced Snap Mini, which allows users to watch episodes along with their friends. Warner Bros. becomes the first major streaming outfit to take a plunge into this space on Snap. (Other places have tried to make watching along with a movie during the pandemic as well.) It will be interesting to see if HBO Max viewers make use of the app in big numbers. The allure of free episodes and watching with your followers could lead to some wild moments on Snapchat. For them, the decision is a no-brainer as all social media companies look for ways to increase eyeballs on their service. It's curious that Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook haven't made an effort to build out something similar with studios. For now, if you want to watch the Gossip Girl reboot or any number of other HBO series, you can head over to Snap and see what all the fuss is about.

"People love to come together to watch their favorite HBO Max shows and talk about what's unfolding. Our partnership with Snapchat is another step towards fulfilling that desire for human connection and providing our fans with co-viewing opportunities, while deepening their emotional relationship with the brand," Sarah Lyons, EVP, DTC Global Product Management, HBO Max said in a release. "We believe humans value recommendations that come from other humans, so having the opportunity for friends to suggest, and then subsequently watch content together paves the way for more meaningful discovery."

Snapchat was also excited to get working with the streaming platform after this new agreement.

"We're excited to partner with HBO Max to offer our community an innovative co-viewing experience inside of Snapchat," Alston Cheek, Director of Platform Partnerships at Snap, Inc. added. "Snap Minis offer an exciting new way for HBO Max to create social experiences for fans of its programming, complementing our incredible Snap Originals and partnered content available on Discover. The Mini is easy to use, and instantly brings friends together to watch their favorite titles and discover new shows for free."

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