ComicBook Nation: Ms. Marvel Finale Review, Netflix's Resident Evil, & Sasha Banks Update

The CB Nation crew reviews and reacts to the epic Ms. Marvel finale and also weighs in on Netflix's Resident Evil. We also get hyped for Harley Quinn's season 3 trailer and deal with Rob Zombie's Munsters trailer, break down the latest in the WWE Sasha Banks situation, and the "Dark Barney" movie. Then we tackle this week's biggest DC and Marvel comics, including X-Men's Hellfire Gala 2022!

In his review of the new Netflix Resident Evil series, gamer Tanner Dedmon has the following to say about Netflix's new take on the popular video game series: 

Aside from its callbacks and strings to the past, Resident Evil's story is uncharted territory. That doesn't always work in its favor, but honestly, good on the creators for not just rehashing the same stories again which would've likely never met expectations anyway. The liberties taken with the story aren't once that really contradict the past and instead pay great respects to it, and there are enough small setups for future events in the show to reward those who pay attention and those who are familiar with the franchise. Even when it misses, Netflix's Resident Evil is one of the better Resident Evil adaptations and feels worth taking further.

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