Howie Mandel Rushed to Hospital After Passing Out in Public

Howie Mandel has been rushed to the hospital after passing out in public. The America's Got Talent judge was on the way to Starbucks when the scene emerged. According to TMZ, Mandel was at a location in Woodland Hills with his wife and friends when he collapsed. From there, the crowd managed to get him onto a cement bench and the paramedics were called. A hospital in Tarzana received the call and he managed to sit up before Los Angeles Fire Department got to the Starbucks location. TMZ reports that sources near to the star think that he fainted from low blood sugar. It seems like the America's Got Talent star will be fine, but it was a scary situation for everyone in attendance. Luckily people in the crowd were quick to act and call the appropriate authorities because time is of the essence in this situation.

Last year, the star talked to Gamespot about his part in Little Monsters. The beloved film is still enjoyed by a ton of fans every year.

"When Little Monsters was presented to me, I went, 'Okay,' without any thought of what it would mean," Mandel explained to the outlet. "You know it's a nice experience. I met nice people. I had a nice time personally. Physically, it almost killed me. And I wouldn't have done that. It's not good to spend a summer in the Carolinas wrapped in latex."

"Don't wrap yourself. I mean it's a wonderful–Maurice is a wonderful character. It was a fun time; everybody was great. And there were funny scenes, but I was wrapped in latex," the star said. "Do you know what humidity and latex does? After I did that movie. I wouldn't even put a condom on. I was so anti-latex. I know that doesn't sound safe, but I was married and happy but I would not, I don't even want to say the word latex anymore. But now I feel like I wouldn't do that again."

He added, "I don't have a GED because I can't sit in class. But you have to sit. Not only was it four hours of sitting, but four hours of–I don't want to be touched. And four hours of (being touched), I thought I was going to snap. And once I was finished, I had to be this happy and joyful Maurice. I really wasn't that happy and joyful. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. They cut like, 'Oh my god. I'm gonna die.' At night, it's an hour to get it off; it was glued on me and my skin."

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