Howie Mandel Makes Surprise Cameo on Harley Quinn Cartoon

Harley Quinn's adult animated series is off and running on DC Universe and the early returns have been great. The second episode of the new animated series see a very random guest cameo. That's right, Howie Mandel of Deal or No Deal and America's Got Talent plays himself in "A High Bar." Now, Harley and Poison Ivy are watching some delightfully airy daytime television together and Mandel has his own cooking show in this universe. Things go haywire when the host makes a joke about Harley dumping The Joker and that means trouble. The Clown Prince of Crime forces his way on set for his own cameo and forces Mandel to set the record straight about the breakup. Then, in true Joker fashion, he does away with the TV star. In a slight bit of hilarity, Ivy and Harley are absolutely upset that the villain would kill the best television personality in town. So, in some strange way, Mandel kickstarts the plot of the episode which sees our main character looking for some more respect out of the members of the Legion of Doom. If you haven't seen the series yet, it is hysterical and widely recommended around these parts. (But, only for the adults, this one is definitely not for children in any way shape or form.)

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory stars as Harley Quinn, and she's having an absolute blast with this character. She and executive producer Justin Halpern both talked about the madcap nature of the show in an earlier video with IGN. "This show is completely out of control. Harley Quinn is a blast of a character, and she's nuts," Cuoco told the outlet.

"Kaley really embraced the idea of 'I'm gonna just give the craziest performance I can, and then start to figure out exactly where it should live,'" Halpern shared. "This is a show that has supervillains and superheroes, so it needs to have awesome battles, crazy fights, and s--t exploding."

Harley Quinn's cast also includes Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer) as Poison Ivy, JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Frank the Plant, Diedrich Bader (Veep) as Batman, Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep) as Doctor Psycho, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) as Sy Borgman, Chris Meloni (Happy!, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) as Commissioner Gordon, Ron Funches (Powerless) as King Shark, Rahul Kohli (iZombie) as Scarecrow, Jim Rash (Mike Tyson Mysteries) as The Riddler, Wanda Sykes (Black-ish) as the Queen of Fables, and Jacob Tremblay (Room, Good Boys) as Damian Wayne/Robin.


New episodes of Harley Quinn premiere Fridays only on DC Universe.