Infinity Train: Book Two DVD Release Announced

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is bringing out Infinity Train: Book Two DVDs. The hit series’ second salvo of episodes hits home on May 25th for $14.97. Creator Owen Dennis celebrated the reveal of Book 4 last week with fan on social media and now they can own Mirror Tulip’s adventure for themselves. (They can also easily catch up on the series before the fourth season gets rolling. The series rose to prominence through Cartoon Network’s Global Artists program, where it garnered over 5 million views. Fans demanded the series and now, there will be another ride aboard the Infinity Train for everyone. The Book 2 DVD will include Commentaries, Animatics, an Image Gallery, and more. So, for the viewers who really love that emotional journey, it’s a no-brainer.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Book Two sees Mirror Tulip breaking out of the shadow of her double. She’s on the run from the Mirror World forces that seek to bring her back. Jesse Cosay, a 14-year-old athlete from Arizona is also on his own journey on the mysterious train. Their fates cross early in the series and they find a strange pal in a superpowered deer named Allen Dracula. One thing is absolutely for sure, there won’t be anything normal about the road to their destination.

“Developed through Cartoon Network’s award-winning Global Artists program, Infinity Train’s original short provoked immediate attention, garnering more than 5 million views on its YouTube page,” Mary Ellen Thomas, WBHE, Senior Vice President, Originals, Animation and Family said when the series announced the first Book. “We know that fans are going to love the behind-the-scenes extra content, in addition to the 10 highly anticipated episodes from Book One.”

The series is already available streaming, so you can add the physical release (and a digital copy!) from your favorite retailer in May.

Will you be checking out Book 2 on DVD when it drops? Let us know down in the comments!