Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date Finally Coming After 3-Year Hiatus

At long last, Jack Ryan is returning to television. Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan, based on the book series by Tom Clancy, has been a hit for the streaming service and a favorite amongst fans. Unfortunately, it's been off the air for more than three years. The John Krasinski-starring series debuted its second season on Prime Video in 2019 and fans have been anxiously awaiting its return. That wait is almost over.

Prime Video announced on Wednesday that Jack Ryan is finally returning for Season 3. The new installment of the series will premiere on Wednesday, December 21st, 38 months after the release of its second season. Krasinski will be leading the way for all eight episodes of Season 3.

"Jack is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy and suddenly finds himself a fugitive out in the cold," reads the official logline. "Now, wanted by both the CIA and an international rogue faction that he has uncovered, Jack is forced underground, crisscrossing Europe, trying to stay alive, while preventing a massive global conflict."

Jack Ryan has already been renewed for Season 4 on Prime Video, which will likely be its last. That said, the groundwork is already being laid for a spinoff series focusing on Ding Chavez, who is being played by Michael Pena.

Pena's character is set to be introduced to the series in the final episode of Season 3. He'll take on a much bigger role in the fourth season, before potentially leading the spinoff.

"When you do something like this, it was a very narrow target. I realized that as good as wrote the show, if we didn't get the right guy, the show wasn't gonna work," original Jack Ryan producer Carlton Cuse explained in a previous interview. "And you need to find a guy who's a leading man, who is vulnerable, who has got a big brain — because that's Jack Ryan's superpower, is his brain — plus he's gotta be a believable action guy, [and] we wrote the character with charm. I mean, the more characteristics you add, the shorter the list gets of guys that can do it. And John was the guy who we felt embodied everything we wanted in the character."

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