Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Favorite The Walking Dead Scene

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that he is so proud of the work he did on The Walking Dead, that he wouldn't change a thing. Given the chance to go back and revisit the series, Morgan told's Brandon Davis, he would not make any changes, because he is proud of the cast and crew and thinks that they brought their A-game to every scene. One scene, apparently, stands above some others -- at least for upper management. In that same interview, Morgan told us that AMC brass approached him to tell him one of his scenes in the finale was a big winner.

That would be the scene where Negan (Morgan) finally, genuinely, apologizes to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) for murdering her husband earlier in the series. The emotions are raw, and it builds on the character development that the two have had up to this point, setting up the series he and Cohan will star in together soon.

"What I can tell you is, the head of AMC came up to me and said 'The scene you do with Lauren is maybe one of my favorite scenes ever in the history of The Walking Dead,'" Morgan said. "I was like, 'What scene?' And then I remember after what she told me, but it was that for me. It was what we saw at the beginning of this, in season six, coming out of that RV, to that scene of actually being sincere and apologizing and all that s--t in between. The man that Negan has become now, that's been a joy to show you. Onscreen, too. We didn't hold anything back, we got to see the actual journey, which is rare."

The finale drew more than 2 million viewers on Sunday -- more than any episode since February 2021 -- but those numbers still pale in comparison to the 10 million-plus who routinely watched the show in its heyday. Spinning out characters like Negan and Maggie, Daryl Dixon, and Rick and Michonne into their own spinoff stories seems like a play by AMC to recapture some of the magic of the early days of The Walking Dead

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