Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Reveals Season 10 Premiere With New Trailer

HBO has released a trailer for the upcoming, tenth season of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the comedian's acclaimed talk show. And as Oliver himself is good at doing, the trailer goes back and forth between buying into his own hype as the savior of the talk show format and the "most important" show on the air, to making jokes at Oliver's expense. The trailer also reveals that the series is returning for its season premiere on February 19.

Ahead of the landmark tenth season, the trailer looks back at the previous nine, including some of the most absurd bits (like what happens when you throw a Pokeball too hard) and some of the most intense pieces of satire and commentary the host has offered.

You can see it below.

During his most recent hiatus, fans have joked that Oliver will be lucky to get back on the air after delivering a hilarious criticism of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery on Last Week Tonight.

The company, which has removed a number of HBO Max originals for no explicable reason, admitted last year that they shelved a nearly-completed Batgirl movie as part of a tax scheme. As a result, it feels likely that any seemingly-inexplicable move the company makes, is probably aimed at getting some kind of tax rebate, through a loophole tied to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.   

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver took on a new urgency during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the comedian's signature exasperated style of comedy felt especially appropriate for the chaos going on in the world. It seemed like every few weeks, his show would go viral, and the social satire provides an evergreen target to poke fun at, rather than Oliver's previous big hits, which were mostly one-off things like buying up Russell Crowe's jock strap from Gladiator and donating it to a Blockbuster Video.