Law & Order Premiere Crossover Features Heartbreaking Death

Tonight's Law & Order premiere crossover event hit the ground running from the very beginning with tense moments and thrilling action, but it also featured a heartbreaking death. Spoilers are incoming for tonight's Law & Order SVU portion of the Law & Order crossover, so if you want to go on unspoiled you've been warned. The death hit Elliot Stabler especially hard, as it was his informant Vince who had successfully infiltrated Maxim Sirenko's crew. Sirenko shoots Vince multiple times and while he survived long enough for Stabler to get to him, he ultimately didn't survive the attack.

Stabler, Olivia Benson, and Frank Cosgrove along with the rest of their teams stake out the block and watch Vince during his meeting with Sirenko. A black van drove up and into the alley, and then Sirenko gets out of the van and Vince says he was a hard person to find. Sirenko said it was too hot to talk out here and so Vince went inside the building, and Stabler said they didn't have that building secured.

Sirenko led Vince to the elevator and they headed down to the basement level, and that's when Sirenko asked what the police told Vince. Vince told him they think he's involved and said the bomb was his doing. Vince said they saw him on security footage at Sirenko's club and questioned him, and Sirenko seems unsold at this point.

As they head further into the building the signal from Vince's camera breaks up and the feed cuts out as does the audio, and then the feed cleared up just long enough for Jet to see them talking. Vince noticed that a hole was being dug in the floor and started to come across as nervous. Jet relayed the information to Stabler and he said it was a hit and they had to move.

Everyone converged on the scene and they got bolt cutters to cut the chains off the door and head downstairs. Vince was running away from Sirenko's bodyguard who was shooting at him, but Sirenko caught up to him and they started fighting in the elevator. Stabler heard gunshots and then got to the other floor and found Sirenko running away. Stabler followed him but he kept moving further away after firing more shots.

Vince then crawled out of the elevator and he was shot multiple times. Stabler told him he would be fine and called in a bus. Stabler said he was going to be fine and told him to breathe, and Vince said he didn't want to die and then told Stabler he was a bad liar. Vince grasped at Stabler's collar and then started to fade, and he dies before the ambulance can come. Cosgrove and Benson arrive but he's already dead. Later as Stabler leaves the scene he is having a difficult time, saying Vince "was just a kid. He was just a kid."

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