Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Is Now on Netflix

The Arrowverse on Netflix has just gotten a little bit bigger. Thanks to the deal worked out [...]

The Arrowverse on Netflix has just gotten a little bit bigger. Thanks to the deal worked out between Netflix and Warner Bros. TV/The CW, new seasons of every show in the beloved DC franchise arrive on the streaming service just a few days after the conclude on TV (with the exception of Batwoman, which is streaming on HBO Max). DC's Legends of Tomorrow was the last of the Arrowverse shows to end this spring, wrapping up its fifth season just last week. Fortunately for fans of the franchise who have been waiting to catch up, the new installment is already streaming on Netflix.

Season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow was dropped on Netflix in the early hours of Wednesday morning, making the entirety of the series to this point available on the streaming service. The new season consists of 15 episodes, which is shorter than the other Arrowverse TV shows but about the same length as previous seasons of Legends.

The latest season of the time-travelling series takes the adventure to a bunch of different periods of history, including Imperial Russia, 1940s Los Angeles, and the French Revolution. The season kicks off with the Legends-centric episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the massive crossover event that saw characters from nearly every live-action DC TV series appear at one point or another.

Legends of Tomorrow has constantly featured a rotating door of stars over the years, with only Caity Lotz and Dominic Purcell remaining from the first season. The current core cast of the series includes Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, and Matt Ryan. Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who has been around since Season 2, made the decision to walk away from the series at the conclusion of Season 5.

"I have loved every moment of bringing Amaya and Charlie to life these past 4 years," she wrote in a post on Instagram last week. "The most special crew we could ever hope for, through all the long hours, you kept me smiling and created such a strong sense of family and support. The writers and post production team, what a world you have created! Thank you for always taking risks, your vivid imaginations and passion radiate through all that you do phenomenally. The fans, meeting some of your and seeing your kindness, openness and generosity of spirit online, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you all. Stay strong, weird, and wild."

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