Legends of Tomorrow's Maisie Richardson-Sellers Thanks Cast, Fans After Series Exit

Tuesday night's season five finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow came with a big surprise for fans. [...]

Tuesday night's season five finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow came with a big surprise for fans. Charlie, played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, opted to end her time travelling adventures with the Legends. Charlie's team departure doesn't just mark a change in the show's character roster, though. Richardson-Sellers is exiting the series as well having appeared been part of the series since season two when she made her debut as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen. Now, Richardson-Sellers is thanking the show's cast, crew, and fans for all of their support during her time as a Legend.

On Instagram, Richardson-Sellers shared a photo of herself as Charlie, rocking out. In the caption she noted how she loved "every moment" of bringing her two characters to life.

"I have loved every moment of bringing Amaya and Charlie to life these past 4 years," she wrote. "The most special crew we could ever hope for, through all the long hours, you kept me smiling and created such a strong sense of family and support. The writers and post production team, what a world you have created! Thank you for always taking risks, your vivid imaginations and passion radiate through all that you do phenomenally. The fans, meeting some of your and seeing your kindness, openness and generosity of spirit online, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you all. Stay strong, weird, and wild."

Richardson-Sellers's Charlie drove most of the season's plot and had an emotional sendoff this week -- Richardson-Sellers's second, since Amaya Jiwe left the series at the end of season three in order to make way for Charlie.

"Amaya and Charlie are so different that it's kind of whatever Amaya would've done, you can pretty much guarantee Charlie will do the opposite," Richardson-Sellers told ComicBook.com earlier this season. "So, it's a kind of beautiful black and white between them."

Richardson-Sellers' departure is one that series executive producer said is one that they were able to plan for, something that became something of a "math equation" as the season finale also saw some character departures with Zari 1.0 (played by Tala Ashe) also getting her goodbye so that Zari 2.0 remains.

"We knew that Maisie was looking to leave the show, and we knew that we had to say goodbye to Zari 1.0," Klemmer said. "So, it does become a real math equation, making sure all the stories get their due."

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