Liev Schreiber Teases Possible Ray Donovan Revival

It's been nine days since Showtime declared Ray Donovan officially over at the premium cable [...]

It's been nine days since Showtime declared Ray Donovan officially over at the premium cable network, but don't tell that to star Liev Schreiber. Though the actor previously expressed his thanks to fans after the show's cancellation, he wouldn't let go of the possibility of another season for the character which previously netted him five Golden Globe nominations ina row. Schreiber is back now with a cryptic tease on Instagram that seems to tease the powers that be at the studio having heard the fan feedback, or maybe the character will make the leap elsewhere; either way, Schreiber's time as Ray Donovan may not be over.

"It's hard to describe how amazing it feels to those of us in the Ray Donovan family who have been lucky enough to experience the overwhelming lvoe and suport that all of you ahve expressed for our show since the news broke that Ray would not return.
What's even more incredible is that is seems your voices have been heard.
To soon to say how or when, but with a little luck and your ongoing support, there will be more Ray Donovan.
So to all the Donofans who got their bats out and beat the odds. Thank you."

In addition to what was likely a loud outcry from the show's fanbase, it's worth noting that the original announcement from Showtime specified: "After seven incredible seasons, RAY DONOVAN has concluded its run on SHOWTIME." This statement certainly implies finality, but leaves it open for the series to find a home elsewhere, which it seems like it might have done. Where that eventual home might be certainly remains to be seen, but it's always possible that Showtime that it over again and will bring the series back in a limited capacity for one last season.

Fans of the series have been clamoring for one more season to get a resolution after Ray Donovan ended its seventh season on a major cliffhanger. In the episode, Ray discovered that his new employer (and father of his new love interest), James Sullivan (Peter Gerety), was the man that drove Ray's late sister Bridget to commit suicide, after becoming pregnant with James Sullivan's baby - something the irish crime boss would not openly acknowledge. Ray murdered James in cold blood, leaving his new girlfriend Molly Sullivan (Kerry Condon) with the horrible feeling that her actions put Ray on the path to kill her father. Meanwhile, Ray's daughter Bridget didn't yet know her husband Smitty was killed; Terry Donovan was thinking of killing himself; while it was uncertain how long characters like Bunchy and Daryll Donovan could keep going with the spiritual toll of the 'family business.'

And of course, the final question on the table was whether or not Ray would finally kill his own father, Mickey (Jon Voight) or if Ray would somehow find forgiveness for Mick, and thereby do one last job as a fixer: Fixing his own wounded soul.

Based on Scheiber's Instagram post, it seems like fans will get to find out what happens next, and if they keep the voices as loud as they've been for the past week they might get it sooner than expected.