Marvel 616 Directors Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Would Love to Work With Marvel Again in the Future

The new original series Marvel 616 premiered on Disney+ Friday morning, taking fans of the beloved [...]


The new original series Marvel 616 premiered on Disney+ Friday morning, taking fans of the beloved comics publisher on journeys through its past, present, and future. Each episode of the documentary series deals with a different corner of the Marvel universe and fandom, allowing the directors behind those projects to really explore things that they're passionate about. This includes the duo of Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie, who both stepped behind the camera for Marvel 616.

Brie and Jacobs starred together in the hit series Community, and now share a bond when it comes to Marvel. Brie directed an episode of Marvel 616 about high school students producing Marvel-inspired stage plays, while Jacobs took a deep dive into the history of the women who helped build Marvel Comics. Ahead of the 616 premiere, we asked Brie and Jacobs if they'd want to return to Marvel in the future, either in front of, or behind the camera, and they were both excited about the possibility of doing so.

"Absolutely," Brie replied. "As I said, I felt such a deeper connection to Marvel in a global sense. I guess, through this process and really seeing the impact that the characters have on young people, on all the people through all walks of life and all ages and things like that. And I felt very touched by the whole experience and really gained a new connection to Marvel itself. I had such a great experience working on this series and it's just such a great team behind it and the support from Marvel and from Disney+. I absolutely would be open to working with them again in front of, or behind the camera again."

Like Brie, Jacobs is absolutely down to return to the world of Marvel in some capacity. Ever since directing 616, she's been constantly reaching out to producer Jason Sterman (who was also part of the interview) to pitch new ideas for future projects.

"Every few weeks I called Jason with another idea for something," she explained. "So, I think eventually, he will have to give in. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing, there's so many comics, as I think, Paul Scheer's episode touches on known, unknown, famous, lesser known. I mean, it's such an incredible world of characters from Marvel over the decades. So, absolutely."

The entire first season of Marvel 616 is now streaming on Disney+.