Marvel's Hawkeye: First Look At Hailee Steinfeld As Kate Bishop Reportedly Revealed

Kate Bishop is pretty popular these days, as in addition to being the newest character coming to [...]

Kate Bishop is pretty popular these days, as in addition to being the newest character coming to Marvel's growing video game empire she's also heading to Disney+ in the new Hawkeye series. The character will be played in the show by Hailee Steinfeld, and fans have been eager to see Steinfeld in action as the beloved character. Now they have their wish, though admittedly it's a very small glimpse, and it comes courtesy of a video taken from the set of Hawkeye from the subway set in Brooklyn. The video was taken by Edward Baker, and you can check it out in the video above (via Murphy's Multiverse).

As you can see the video features Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye walking down the stairs with a woman that is presumed to be Hailee Steinfeld, especially since she's holding the leash of Lucky the Pizza Dog. Baker confirmed that it is Steinfeld in the video, as she was seen around set during the day.

We aren't sure what this particular scene connects to, but we're just excited to see Steinfeld in the Bishop role, as that hasn't actually been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios for some reason as of yet. Steinfeld was rumored to be up for the part, but Marvel never said one way or another. It seems whatever issues were holding that agreement up have been solved, and it seems she is busy at work on bringing the fan favorite to the MCU.

The Hawkeye series has been teased as a passing of the torch from Renner's Hawkeye to Steinfeld's Bishop, who will presumably be the arrow slinger in the MCU for the foreseeable future. We imagine at some point Marvel might toy with a Young Avengers series, but there's also the possibility that she is just moved to the Avengers full time after this series finishes up. We'll just have to wait and see how it all shapes up.

Hawkeye is currently without a release date, but is expected to hit in 2021, especially if it finishes filming late this year or early next.

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