Kevin Smith Reviews She-Hulk: "What A Charming Little Sitcom"

Marvel's She-Hulk is a hit with fans, and seems to be generating big buzz on social media with each of its first two episodes. But what does Kevin Smith think about it? That's the question we always love to ask here at, and now Smith has blessed us with his answer. In the latest episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast with writer/producer Marc Bernardin, Kevin Smith gives his official thoughts on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which you can read below: 

"She-Hulk... "Shulky" as we used to call her in the comic books, kids. She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany. What a charming little sitcom that Marvel has put together. I enjoyed the fuck out of it; I thought it was fun. I think her talking to the camera – I know a lot of people are like 'Oh that's Deadpool,' but no, that's straight out of the f*cking comics when John Byrne was doing the character. It's fun! It's them kind of having fun with themselves; being able to poke fun at themselves and their world; expanding the Marvel Universe comedically – humor has always been a big part the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this just leans into it more heavily than anything else. 

I know some people in the beginning were like 'Oh that CG...' You know, it's an unreal character so I don't really have any basis for comparison to say 'Well that's not what a real She-Hulk looks like.' To me it's just impressive... so much of that show your lead character is a huge, walking, talking, special effect. Like not since Alf has a sitcom... spent so much on presenting its lead character.But I enjoyed it. The sense of humor totally works for me. We got a lot more Hulk than we've had in recent memory – and it looks like they're setting us up for like – spoilers – "World War Hulk" on the side of this. They are backdoor leading to a Hulk standalone series and it might be World War Hulk. That's what I'm getting from the amount they're including Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk." 


Despite all that praise, Kevin Smith did have one criticism of She-Hulk Episode 2: 

"I watched the second episode right before we started the show – my only complaint is it was f*cking light, bro. It was like 23 minutes! Yeah, that's like the length of an Alf! There's one post-credits scene and sh*t, but that didn't really propel the story forward, it was more just humorous. But yeah it was a very short second episode... But I'm enjoying it! I think it was a welcome add."

Smith also acknowledges the dark reality of the trolls that have been review bombing She-Hulk or spitting vitriol about it on social media. According to Smith, liking She-Hiulk has nothing to do with any kind of socio-political agenda; 

I know the Internet is probably shredding me or calling me woke or what the f*ck, but like it has very little to do with that and more to do with the fact that Marvel is doing humor, leaning into the humor of it all. And extending their mythos!