Marvel's 616 Producer Says Each Episode Will Feel Like Its Own Movie

Marvel’s 616 producer says that each episode will feel like its own movie. This revelation comes [...]

Marvel's 616 producer says that each episode will feel like its own movie. This revelation comes after today's Comic-Con@Home panel for the series. By giving fans a "look inside," the company is hoping to build excitement for the Disney+ series after a lot of secrecy post-announcement. When 616 was first unveiled, it was billed as a program designed to explore the intersection between the Marvel universe and our outside world. There's a ton of research that goes into any creative project, and that kind of context can be crucial in bringing a creative team's vision to life. Jason Sterman is one of the executive producers, and he believes that these slices of storytelling will feel weighty enough to stand on their own.

"The idea of the anthology aspect is using each episode as a way of telling a singular story," Sterman explained. "Each of these episodes kind of acts as its own individual film… We really wanted to bring in filmmakers who had a unique voice and unique vision, and let them play within this universe by finding stories they were impassioned about -- something that piqued their interest."

Disney+ actually dropped sneak peeks of two upcoming episodes yesterday. These two 616 installments are helmed by Gillian Jacobs and Paul Scheer. Jacobs' entry focuses on the women of Marvel Comics, while Scheer finds the forgotten characters of the company as his subject. Both look to be fascinating looks at individuals that might not get enough shine.

The company described these episodes in a press release:

"Today, Disney+ shared two exclusive sneak peek clips from the upcoming new original anthology docuseries, 'Marvel's 616.' The first clip is from the episode "Higher, Further, Faster" directed by actor/director Gillian Jacobs, which shines a light on the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics and how they found ways to tell stories of representation and inclusion. The second clip is from the Paul Scheer-directed episode "Lost and Found," following the actor and comedian's eye-opening and hilarious journey to discover the "forgotten" characters of Marvel Comics. Individually, each documentary in this series tells a compelling story that brings its filmmaker's vision to life.

"Marvel's 616 is produced by Marvel New Media with Supper Club. The series is executive produced by Joe Quesada, Shane Rahmani, Stephen Wacker, John Cerilli, Harry Go, and Sarah Amos for Marvel; and Jason Sterman, Brian McGinn, and David Gelb for Supper Club."

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