Netflix's Clickbait Stars Share Their Reactions to That Shocking Finale Twist

Two weeks after its debut on Netflix, the social crime thriller known as Clickbait still holds the top spot on the streaming service's daily Top 10 list. Clickbait is a bonafide hit for Netflix, with its intriguing premise about a viral kidnapping on social media unfolding into a mystery containing dozens upon dozens of different layers. Perhaps even more surprising than the show's success is its ending, which comes all the way out of left field and leaving viewers bewildered.

While the main character, Nick, is made to seem like the villain, a predator that snuck around on his wife by establishing relationships with women online, he's actually an innocent man. It's revealed in the final episode that the woman who runs IT at his office has actually been stealing his identity the whole time, beginning and ending relationships online out of nothing but boredom and loneliness. In fact, it's her husband (who doesn't even show up until the finale) that killed Nick in an effort to protect his wife from trouble.

It's a wild and wholly unexpected ending that seemed to resonate deeply with the show's stars. Adrian Grenier and Betty Gabriel, who play married couple Nick and Sophie Brewer on the series, spoke with about Clickbait and its shocking twists. 

"I personally just was heartbroken just because in many ways people mean well, but they're just sad and end up doing bad things out of loneliness and desperation or ignorance," Grenier said." So, a lot of the worst things that happen in society aren't evil people with the mustache, you know, but just people who are lost and lonely."

Gabriel echoed her co-star's thoughts on the matter, saying that Clickbait never ended up having any kind of evil characters. Instead, there were a lot of people that were hurting in a lot of different ways, and that led to others getting hurt.


"It is very much one of those — no one really in the show, when when it's all said and done, felt like a truly terrible person," Gabriel explained. Everyone had got to the moment they got to and made the choices they made, but no one felt like an ultimately unkind, horrible human."

You can watch the full interview with Betty Gabriel and Adrian Grenier in the video at the top of the page.