Netflix Dominates 2022 Streaming Charts, Top Shows of 2022 Revealed

The top TV streaming shows of 2022 have been officially revealed, and Netflix dominated the charts. According to Nielsen data, Netflix was king in the categories of both original programming and overall programming; Amazon Prime Video only got two spots in the Top 15 in Streaming Programs (Originals), with The Boys at no. 11 and The Rings of Power at no. 15. Disney+ took three spots in the Top 15 for Streaming Programs (Overall), with Encanto at no. 5, Bluey at no. 8 and The Simpsons at no. 15.

No one would've bet against Netflix anyway – not after the gigantic year the streaming service had. Stranger Things was the no. 1 show streamed in both the Originals and Overall categories, thanks to the massive hype around Strangers Things 4, and the intermission break before the finale, which rekindled interest in watching the entire series from the start. Ozark's Final Season made it the no. 2 most streamed program in Originals, and no. 4 in Overall. Breakout hit Wednesday was no. 3 in Originals – a real feat, considering it was the show's debut season (no. 12 in Overall Streaming). Cobra Kai, Bridgerton, and Virgin River all had highly-anticipated new seasons in 2022 and earned the no. 4, no. 5, and no. 6 spots (respectively) in Originals. True-life crime-drama series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and Inventing Anna were no. 7 and no. 9 (respectively), while reality competition Love Is Blind and British royals biopic series The Crown rounded out the top 10 for Originals at no. 8 and no. 10 (respectively). Umbrella Academy also made the list, coming in at no. 13, with The Last Kingdom at no. 14. 

(Photo: NETFLIX)

Netflix's licensing and distribution deals are also clearly still working as a unique draw to the streaming service. NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, and Supernatural are all syndicated TV shows from various broadcast networks, which Netflix utilizes to keep viewers on the service for long stretches of time. As more and more networks end these deals with Netflix and bring their programs over to their own streaming services (see: The Office, only on Peacock!) that's a pool that will dry up for Netflix, so it's especially promising to see original programming ranking in the overall category. 

Netflix has been trying to keep the momentum going, releasing a 2023 preview that is packed with star-studded and/or highly-anticipated content. Just this Friday (at the time of writing this) Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Lauren London, Nia Long, and a big-name ensemble unite for the race-themed romantic comedy You People. From there, we'll get everything from big rom-coms (Your Place or Mine) to action flicks (Extraction 2) to movie-sized versions of acclaimed TV shows (Luther: The Fallen Sun) – and that's just in the first half of the year. 

Netflix is streaming all the top shows of 2022 – and so much more. 

Source: Deadline