Netflix had Nine of the Top 10 Most Googled TV Shows in 2020

Today saw Netflix make their first quarterly earnings call for the year which covered everything [...]

Today saw Netflix make their first quarterly earnings call for the year which covered everything that happened up until the end of 2020. To that end the streamer announced that they crossed the 200 million subscriber mark at the tail end of last year, which is just one good sign for the streamer that they noted. In their presentation, Netflix showed off the list of the Top 10 most Googled TV shows for the entirety of 2020 and nine of them were Netflix originals! In addition they made a note of the Top 10 most Googled movies of the year, of which Netflix only had two.

Netflix titles that appeared in the Top 10 list include, in order: Tiger King, Money Heist, Cobra Kai (first two seasons from YouTube Red, season 3 a Netflix original), The Umbrella Academy, Emily in Paris, Ozark, The Queen's Gambit, Outer Banks, and Locke & Key. The lone series on the Top 10 that is not associated with Netflix in any way, Big Brother Brasil, the version of the reality TV series from the Portuguese speaking nation, which clocked in at #2. The two Netflix movies to appear on the film side of the equation were 365 Dni (the Polish erotic drama) which beat out Tenet, and Enola Holmes, which was googled more than Mulan or Birds of Prey.

Regarding specific viewership numbers for these TV shows, Netflix revealed that 62 million member households "choose to watch The Queen's Gambit in its first 28 days," making it their biggest limited series in the history of the company. Netflix has previously come under fire for how they define a "view" however, changing their internal definition so that an account watching just two minutes of a title is now considered one.

"The big growth in streaming entertainment has led legacy competitors like Disney, WarnerMedia and Discovery to compete with us in new ways, which we've been expecting for many years," the company wrote in its letter to shareholders. "This is, in part, why we have been moving so quickly to grow and further strengthen our original content library across a wide range of genres and nations. Our fourth quarter slate highlights the breadth and diversity of our entertainment offering."

Regarding their originals, Netflix added: "Our productions are back up and running in most regions - we have learned that flexibility and adaptability are paramount in this fast-changing environment. With over 500 titles currently in post production or preparing to launch on our service and plans to release at least one new original film every week in 2021 with extraordinary talent, we're confident we'll continue to have a great content offering for our members."