Netflix Renews Three Reality Shows

Netflix has just renewed three of its reality shows: The Circle, Indian Matchmaking and The [...]

Netflix has just renewed three of its reality shows: The Circle, Indian Matchmaking and The American Barbecue Showdown. The Circle - a reality competition played out over chat threads - became a hit during the 2020 pandemic and was tapped for seasons 2 and 3 already by Netflix; now The Circle has been approved for seasons 4 and 5, as well. American Barbecue Showdown is getting season 2; the cooking series pits competitive bbq cooks from across the country against one another. Indian Matchmaking is also getting season 2, as famous matchmaker, Sima Taparia helps people sort out their love lives.

As stated, The Circle has been a major hit for Netflix in the last year. The show is one of the most cost and safety-feasible productions there is in the post-pandemic era (as guests stay in separate rooms, with little-to-no physical contact, for most of the competition). According to Deadline, season 2 of The Circle, which launched in April, was viewed by 14M households in the first 30 days of its release. Comedian Michelle Buteau has signed on to continue hosting The Circle through seasons 4 and 5.

Synopsis - Contestants live in an apartment building showcasing the infamous circle on the outside. They are literal neighbours, but never meet face to face. They communicate through a social media app called "The Circle." They can create a profile as themselves or make up a fake persona to play as. They regularly rank the other players based on their impressions through social media interactions, and the top rated players become influencers. The influencers get to block, or eliminate a player, until ultimately a winner is crowned.

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American Barbecue Showdown is hosted by Lyric Lewis (AP Bio) and Rutledge Wood (Floor Is Lava), who are both returning for season 2.

Synopsis - Contestants from across America competing in a Barbecue Cook-off to be crowned American Barbecue Champion. Starting with 8 contestants, each of which have varying levels of experience at cooking on a barbecue. They have to face challenges cooking in different styles sometimes with extra surprise challenges thrown in without notice. There is a focus not just on the cooking aspect but maintaining the barbecue's temperature and smoking abilities. Each cooking task has to be completed within a set time frame often lower than the normal amount of time used to prepare and cook the specified meal.

Indian Matchmaking will (obviously) once again be centered around Sima Tapria in season 2.

Synopsis - Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the U.S. and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era.

You can stream seasons of The Circle, The American Barbecue Showdown and Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, right now.